Beau Greaves: A Wild Life

Beau Greaves is a 28 year old cray diver who lives in Far North Queensland. Growing up at Lake Cooroibah on the Sunshine Coast QLD, his passion for adventure started at a very young age. He would regularly disappear for hours on end, returning home covered in mud and usually with a stingray, eel, snake or crab to show his parents (much to their dismay).

Beau has never been one to do things in half – he has enjoyed surfing, extreme motor-cross riding and has now found his true passion as a deep sea diver in Far North Queensland. He spends 9 months of the year out at sea diving for crayfish, making wildlife videos and soaking up all that Australia has to offer. His career as a deep sea diver and being out at sea for 9 months of the year puts Beau up close and personal with¬†Australia’s marine and wildlife – anything from¬†saltwater crocodiles, sharks, snakes, turtles, dolphins, dugongs and whales.

Beau has a particular interest in reptiles and has had numerous snakes and large lizards as pets over the years.

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